Photo by Yousef Espanioly / Unsplash

The Real War Against Women

From Kendra Thompson's post, Pro-Child

And then, miracle of miracles, I gave birth. Both times, my children were born and I was a wreck. I had high blood pressure, puffy feet, and a scar across my midsection that ached when I moved at all. I hardly recognized myself. And yet, it was my best self; becoming mother is my primary vocation – I have no doubt of that.I love being a mom, and I struggle as one, too. I love my children; they drive me nuts. Sometimes I fail them and they absolve me the way only children can, saying things like: “It’s okay if you get mad sometimes, mommy, I love you every how!”John and I wondered if we’d ever have kids. We were married thirteen years before we had our first. But one of the reasons we finally chose the risky adventure was a conversation with some dear friends and mentors. They assured us – you don’t want to miss this.I know pregnancy is risky, children are expensive, the whole endeavor takes its toll. But I would advise anyone considered ending the life of their fetus just to think about it first – sleep on it, pray about it. There are other options despite what our fear-mongering body-politic says these days. Making abortion less accessible is not a “war on women.” Normalizing abortion is.